Ross Volk

CEO - MSC Cruises South Africa

As MD of MSC Cruises South Africa, Ross Volk is responsible for growing the cruising market in South Africa. Ross joined MSC Cruises South Africa in 2015 as the company’s Chief Financial Officer, following a varied and successful auditing career at KPMG. His 12 years at KPMG instilled in him a love for travel, visiting over 75 countries while working as a Senior Manager for the company. He also acquired a range of diverse skills during his time there, working across multiple departments in the company and frequently engaging with high-profile individuals of different cultures. It is this diversity of experience that has served Ross well since he was promoted to MD of MSC Cruises South Africa in December 2016. Ross finds the ever-changing world of cruising a fascinating and exhilarating industry to be a part of, and he enjoys the fact that this fast-paced world allows him to make maximum use of his varied skillset and tackle new challenges every day.