Innovation and Technology as key drivers for growth

Ambrosetti Club is a CEO community which counts over 330 members. Each year the Club sets up a number of sub-communities which focus on hot topics or regions in order to provide stimuli, ideas and proposals to boost competitiveness and attractiveness.

Started in 2011 as an on-going laboratory on Technology, Innovation and Technology Transfer, the Innovation & Technology Community of the Ambrosetti Club wants to contribute to strengthen the Italian innovation ecosystem.

The members of the Community are top leaders belonging to the four key players of successful innovations: Research, Business, Finance and Institutions.

The Community was created to strengthen the dialogue and the cooperation between these players, in order to promote growth opportunities, development and a culture of innovation throughout the Country.

An intense calendar of meetings with inspiring actors of innovation and policy makers is set up every year. The purpose is to give Innotech Community members valuable opportunities to meet regularly, discuss hot topics, share best practices and make proposals.

The proposals are recapped in the Innotech Annual Report which outlines the program of the Technology Forum, annual meeting of the Community and key international appointment on innovation, that takes place in May.