Michele Guarnieri

Co-founder and Executive Director - HiBot Corporation

Michele Guarnieri is a co-founder and executive director at HiBot Corporation. He received his “Laurea” degree in Computer Science from the University of Verona (Italy) in 2000. He moved to Japan in 2001 at Tokyo Institute of Technology with the Prof. Hirose Laboratory. There he received the MS and PhD degrees in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering respectively in 2004 and 2007. After establishing HiBot Corporation, some of his projects were awarded with the Robot Award from the Japanese Ministry of Economy (2010), the Edison Gold Award (2015), the World Economic Forum’s selection of Technology Pioneer (2015) and the IEEE Inaba Innovation Technology award in 2017. HiBot Corporation, since its establishment, has been committed to the development of practical robotic solutions for extreme environments. It is now engaging in the development of solutions for performing dangerous jobs such as inspections where human should not or cannot go. The use of robotic solutions not only can make the operator’s working environment safer, but can also lead to a higher level of efficiency and reliability of inspection and data collection, which is used for preventive/predictive maintenance of infrastructures.