Growing biotech: three concrete proposals from Technology Forum Life Sciences

September, 27 2016

Three proposals for the growth of the biotech sector in Italy, three measurable steps for improving it’s impact: this is the most important message from the Technology Forum Life Sciences and it is all explained in the Report which has been presented on Monday the 26th and that we publish here in its full version (in Italian).

Here they are:

1. Modify the law on intellectual property (art. 65 of the Industrial Property Code, according to the Bayh-Dole Act – USA, 1980);

2. Create a specialized Transfer Lab for the biotechnology sector, learning from successful Technology Transfer Labs, such as Ascenion (D), MRC-Technology (GB) and TTFactor (I);

3. To promote the culture of technology transfer, enhancing knowledge, talent, creativity and innovation, according to the model of the VIB in Belgium.

‘The Report analyses some very interesting international experiences – observes Valerio De Molli, Managing Partner of The European House Ambrosetti – and they show that the measures we propose would bring important benefits in less than ten years, as long as the actions of the Government are reliable, long-term and focused on excellence’.


Find here below the full Report (Italian version)