Believe in failure and in your idea n.50: meet the billionaire dad of Candy Crush

January, 17 2017

‘Sometimes the right idea is not the first one: more often it is the fiftieth’.

So says Riccardo Zacconi, the Italian entrepreneur who founded the British company ‘King’ and in 2015 sold it to the American giant ‘Activision games’ for the staggering amount of 5.9 billion dollars.

One of the largest acquisitions in the gaming industry ever, and for a well known reason: King is worldwide famous as the developer of ‘Candy crush’. Much more than a ‘game of candy’, if you remember that it involves 500 million players per month from over 200 countries. The third largest community in the world, after Facebook and Youtube, quoted on Wall Street for 7.5 billion dollars.

Now, the question is: if Zacconi had decided to start ‘King’ in Italy, instead of in the UK, would we be now reading and enjoying the same success story?

At 95% the answer is ‘not’ and Riccardo Zacconi will explain exactly why on Wednesday January 25th, in a private meeting with the InnoTech Community of Ambrosetti Club.

‘It’s not only about digital transformation – says Zacconi – it’s much more about business culture, risk culture and entrepreneurship. In our country a failure is still a big stigma, while in the real world there is no success story that has not gone through bankruptcies’.

On Wednesday the 25th, all the insights from the journey of this Italian entrepreneur, who became a unicorn by believing in failure, and in his idea number fifty.



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