Tracking and traceability: Cisco and IoT for food security and safety

Fostering the ecosystems for innovation is the goal of the Technology Forum and Cisco, in its role of partner, fully endorses this need. With a special focus on the most important excellence of our country: the agri-food sector.

Cisco’s answer to the demand of security and safety in this field has a name: Safety for food, a IoT – based platform, that builds connections between data, objects, people and processes in a completely new way, because the digital is involved in all the steps of the supply chain, stimulating innovation and improving the quality of life.

Safety for Food was born at Cisco Italy, as a development of ValueGo® – the digital passport of food products created by Penelope SpA, the Italian ICT company that is still operating in the platform.

The project identifies four fundamental issues: food quality, food safety and security, and the need for a widespread adoption of digital technologies as decision support in the control and management of complex industrial processes.

Safety for food is supervised by CNR and supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, by the Agency for a Digital Italy (AGID),  by Expo2015 Spa and by the National Museum of Science and Technology “Leonardo da Vinci” (Milan).

And if someone was still sceptical on what technology has to do with agriculture, we publish here a short video – story: it is very illuminating about the high potential of  the Internet of things for innovating the agricultural sector.