Work better, live better: #techforum16 outlines our tomorrow with Citrix

May, 9 2016

The workforce is changing. Gone are the days when employees would simply come into a corporate office and use a corporate device.

Today’s employees are working from a variety of locations, such as customer sites, factory floors, hotels, or their homes, and doing so on many different devices. In fact, employees use more than three different devices a day to get their job done and analysts predict that in the next two years, half of employers will require employees to bring their own personal devices (laptops, smartphones and tablets) to work.

At Technology Forum 2016 there will be a session focused on this kind of changes in act, under the title: Our tomorrow, new frontiers on science and technology. And surely, one of the biggest trends in today’s society, is the line between work-time and private life, which is more and more blurred.

‘However, BYO devices are just the beginning – observes Benjamin Jolivet: he’s Country Manager of Citrix Italia, SouthEastern Europe and Israele and he’s going to be one of the speakers of the fifth Technology Forum. ‘As mobility has become the new normal, organizations are facing challenges with multiple, costly infrastructures, each requiring its own management, support and skillset. It’s time to rethink the way organizations provide desktop, mobile, application and data services to workers that are not always in the office and not on a corporate device’.

The ideal solution, for our tomorrow, is a mobile workspace that will follow an employee no matter where they go, no matter what device they choose to use, and no matter what network they are on.

And that’s exactly where Citrix is doing its best: it meets these changing requirements with the industry’s leading mobile workspace solution, enabling IT to securely deliver all apps, data and services from any device, over any network, to empower people with new ways to work better. And to live better.


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