Urban Ecosystems with Cisco: there Is Never Been a Better Time

May, 19 2016

Transforming our cities and territories in intelligent and interconnected communities is a necessary challenge to face the future with a view to sustainable social and economic development.

In recent years many governments have implemented individual projects: it’s now the time for a systemic approach, providing the cities – and larger territories, such as metropolitan cities – with ‘horizontal’ technological infrastructures. They will be the basis for enhancing innovation, for developing smart services and for opening the local ecosystem to public participation.

The fifth edition of the Technology Forum will have a session dedicated to the urban ecosystems, with the models of London and Berlin. Italy’s voice will be expressed by Agostino Santoni, President of Assinform and General Manager of Cisco Italy.

Cisco has tested the effectiveness of the horizontal and integrated approach and the Company has always promoted it, building Smart + Connected Communities with cities around the world. It’s what happened at the Expo 2015 site, where visitors experienced a large range of infrastructures, designed for managing and protecting the location, as well as for transforming it in a digital –technology based experience.

‘We believe that we can accelerate the Italy’s digitalisation – says Agostino Santoni, General Manager of Cisco Italy – right from the extraordinary diversity and richness of its cities and its territories. That’s why ‘Smart city’ is a fundamental part of our investment plan Digitaliani, announced last January’.




Expo Milano 2015 was the first universal exhibition completely digital technologies-based.Reliability, flexibility and security of a complete platform made available by Cisco.


There Is Never Been a Better TimeNow more than ever, the technology gives us the opportunity to change the world. Not tomorrow, not before or later: now.