The strategy of FCA for a more sustainable mobility: meeting with Alfredo Altavilla

October, 27 2015

Tuesday, October 27th from 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Mirafiori Motor Village – Turin


Meet the mobility needs of customers through sustainable solutions: that’s one of the most complex challenges of the automotive industry.

FCA Group focuses on the development of technology solutions with low environmental impact through 85 research&development  centres all around the world. Some of them are internationally recognized as poles of reference in the global innovation network: the CRF in Italy and the Automotive Research and Development Centre in Canada.

The challenge is increasingly complex, because it must deal on one hand with technical and engineering disciplines in the automotive industry, and with social and technological trends on the other. How are cities evolving, how lifestyles, work, energy?

The big effort is to anticipate needs and behaviors of consumers in a changing environment.

Alfredo Altavilla is CEO of FCA for EMEA and he will talk with Ambrosetti Club members just a few weeks after the storm that swept Volkswagen and the entire auto sector.

A storm that could prompt investment in the hybrid and in electric, generating a need for more capital.

It’s time for the merger that Sergio Marchionne hopes since months?