The next level of IoT: Internet of Services and People is our tomorrow

May, 12 2016

Our Tomorrow: new frontiers in Science and Technology. That’s the subject that will be deepen on Saturday the 21st at the fifth Technology Forum. Quite an engaging subject, of course, which will be faced from different point of views – under the light of Internet of Things.

IoT is maybe the key of the new world, as well as the pillar of the Industry 4.0: it represents the set of “objects” (ie production assets) which are enabled to generate data and send them to servers, which can also reside in the cloud, for backup, reporting, diagnostic and benchmarking.

Is that all about IoT?


There is a big Company, operating all over the world with more than 135.000 employees and 8200 technologists, which gives a much more extended meaning to the IoT. It’s name is ABB, the company which has pushed the Internet of Things to the next level by adding Services and People: ABB will take part to Technology Forum’s debates with its Group Vice President R&D, Christopher Ganz.

‘In our vision – says the CEO Mario Corsi – we intend to integrate the entire value chain. If IoT represents the set of “objects”, Internet of Services does concern the units that are constantly monitoring plants, to optimize them and recognize the possible maintenance requirements.

Moreover, the Internet of People guarantees the availability of real-time information to the people who manage the processes and services – anywhere, anytime. And we believe that man, with his skills, expertise and professionalism, will remain the central element also in the digital age’.



Watch the video: Internet of Things, People and Services

and read below the full Interview with Mario Corsi, CEO of ABB (Italian and English versions)