The Industries of the Future: Aperitif with Alec Ross

September, 6 2016

The transformation is unpredictable, unstoppable and risky: it’s easy to forget how much the world has changed in recent decades and it is even easier not to think about how it will change in the upcoming years.

Alec Ross, Obama administration’s advisor for Innovation, has worked for years at the frontier of change, and he is the author of the book ‘The Industries of the Future’.

His purpose: to tell everyone the future that awaits us and to help us find our place in the new world.

The book addresses all the hottest innovation themes – from genetic research to cybersecurity and the Big Data revolution – by highlighting their impact on the decisions that each of us will have to take: what to study (and what our sons should stydy)? What job to choose? How to invest our savings?

The InnoTech Community of Ambrosetti Club has the big opportunity to  share his answers.