#techforum16: get inspired and change the world

April, 1 2016

There are different ways to learn and everybody of us has his favourite one. You can simply study, you can learn through experience (and fail), you can imitate the best models – or you can have your right mix of all of them. But there is a way to learn that has the power of literally catching us: it is when we listen to a story. A story fascinates you, demostrates that you dreams can become truth and pushes you to belive in them – always.

That’s why the fifth edition of the  Technology Forum (Milan, May 20th and 21st) will dedicate an entire session to tales of challenges and innovation – because inspired people can change the world.

Participants will listen the true stories of international innovation heros, such as Jonathan Ortmans, the man who founded the Global Entrepreneurship Network; Naveen Jain, the space entrepreneur who’s launching the first commercial trips to the moon, and the extraordinary nanobiology entrepreneur Nanxi Liu, who was named on the Top 10 Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs’ in 2015 by Fortune Magazine.

Don’t miss the opportunity to listen their tales of challenges and innovation.


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