Smart Materials: The Future of Sustainable Technology

May, 4 2016

Smart materials are the result of extremely advanced technologies and intensive research. Nowadays, they can be the key to sustainable technological progress.

Great expectations are placed in them, especially in the materials used for the manufacturing 4.0: innovative metallic materials and alloys. They are perfect for the most interesting areas of Italian production, the ones with the highest strategic interest: automotive, mechanical, energy, aerospace and defence.

The innovation provided by smart materials is today the best answer to manufacturing 4.0 needs, such as higher performance, lightness, costs control, fit for purpose.

The InnoTech Community of Ambrosetti Club will go deeper on Smart materials as a last round before the Technology Forum 2016 (Milan, 20 and 21 May), with a special meeting at the Ansaldo Foundation.

The meeting will see the participation of leading experts of Industry and Research, and will be an opportunity to explore the frontier technologies, with the contributions offered by:

Giuseppe Zampini, CEO, Ansaldo Energia

Ugo Salerno, President and CEO, RINA

Luigi Nicolais, Professor Emeritus of “Materials Science and Technology”, University of Naples Federico II

Cesare Murgia, Vice President, Development Center Materials


Wednesday, May 4th

2.30pm to 4.30pm

Genoa, Ansaldo Foundation


More information:

Chiara Piloni and Carmen Lojacono

02.46.753.293 – club@ambrosetti.eu