Real money: financing innovation and growth through Horizon 2020

February, 2 2016

A special tool, entirely dedicated to developing the innovative potential of SMEs.

Real money, from 50.000 Euro to 2.5 million.

An answer time from three to six months. Coaching, equity facilities, zero bureaucracy.

It is not a mirage, is the SME instrument of the European program Horizon2020, that in the biennium 2016-2017 will receive a 44% of increased resources for a total of 740 million euros.

Real funds and real support, that many Italian companies have already obtained, to develop excellent innovative projects with high economic impact, and for making them available on an international scale.

The Technology Forum Preview will give the floor exactly to them, to the Italian entrepreneurs who are now financing research and innovation through Horizon2020: to tell how it really works.


The Technology Forum Preview is included in the annual activities of the community InnoTech of Ambrosetti Club and it will be held on Friday March 11th at CastelBrando (Treviso). With the entrepreneurs, it will also involve the top management on SME Instrument from the European Commission and it will deepen three crucial aspects for succeeding in getting the funds: Open Innovation, the ABC of Horizon2020 and the fundamental bet on new frontier’s technology.


With the participation of:

Alberto Baban, President of Small Industry, Confindustria

Luca Benatti, CEO & Board Member, EryDel S.p.A.

Antonio Carbone, National Contact Point for Horizon2020, OPENS

Alberto Di Minin, Professor of Strategy, Institute of Management – SSSA

Raffaele Giordanelli, CEO, Eco4Cloud

Marco Malacarne, Head of Operations, European Agency for SMEs – European Commission

Francesco Orioli, Director, Soltigua

Luke Rossettini, CEO, D-Orbit

Alessandro Sannino, Founder, Accademia Lifescience

Arianna Trettel, Director, BrainSigns


For more information

Chiara Piloni and Carmen Lojacono

02.46.753.293 – club@ambrosetti.eu