London: the Golden Triangle for innovation calls the Italian companies

November, 28 2015

There is any other place in the entire world as innovation friendly as the city of  London, and at the heart of this unique environment for innovation, there is the Imperial College.

In 2014 the financial support to the tech economy in London raised $1.3 billion; in first half 2015, it raised $1.6 billion, while the support to the Life Sciences economy raised $883 million in 2014.

London has 43 universities with 1,300 biomedical researchers, 5 world class medical schools and 12 teaching hospital, more than 50 clinical institutions and 3 out of the 7 UK Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC).

The Imperial College counts 120 companies in life sciences, alongside Cambridge’s 180 and Oxford’s 65. Together, they form the Golden Triangle.

Well, the good news is that the Golden Triangle is ready to collaborate with the Italian companies.

The last meeting of Ambrosetti Club, a few days ago, was hosted at the Imperial and it has clearly shown how huge and vibrant – and profitable – could be a collaboration with this ‘small Campus with Big Data’.

Trough the Imperial Innovations Group (IPO 2006) and thanks to the early access to research from the ‘Golden Triangle’, the college creates, builds and invests in pioneering technologies developed from outstanding scientific research.

The results are impressive: Innovation Group raised more than £346.0m of equity from investors, it created more than 100 spin out companies, it attracted £1.3bn in venture investment for portfolio, with quoted investments for £106.8m and an unlisted portfolio worth £220.4m.

Since 2006, the Imperial Innovation Group has generated net cash for more than £30m, from proceeds of trade sales, and counts now on £178.1m cash available for investment.

Yes, we feel quite proud when we see that the only Italian company actively collaborating with the Imperial is ABB, which is also a convinced partner of the Technology Forum.

But it is just a beginning, and that’s why the members of Ambrosetti Club will still hear talk about the Imperial and the Group: the Golden Triangle is waiting for them.