From TechForum Life Sciences: 3 priority actions for biotech innovation ecosystem

October, 16 2015

The first edition of the Technology Forum Life Sciences gives its contribution to the development of the Italian ecosystem for innovation.

It is all included in the position paper that has been presented during the Forum, and that you can find in its full version here below (in Italian).

The paper is focused on biotech, because that sector shows to be one of the best performers in the Italian economy, and is the result of the InnoTech Community’s work, which involves the most important players of the innovation ecosystem: research, finance, industry and institution.

Three are the priority actions indicated by the InnoTech Community of Ambrosetti Club, in order to make the biotech more and more influent on the Italian growth.

First off all, a CTO: the Country needs a national Chief Technology Officer, who manages the resources, defines the objectives and takes the investment decisions.

Second point: it is mandatory to define a national policy for Life Sciences, with a strategic plan strictly focused on a small number of investments and on larger projects.

The third action is to create a venture capital fund dedicated to biotechnology, in order to encourage investment in venture capital and to facilitate the creation of specialized funds.