Entrepreneurship or forever young: revive the desire to do business

September, 11 2015

An inspiring short movie, directed by Andrea Pezzi, that will be distributed to all the schools in Italy; a special paper (here below) for knowing who the entrepreneur is and what does he need from the ecosystem and then the Golden Gate: a contact bridge between the over 25,000 innovative start ups all over Europe and the more consolidated national and international companies that are members of the Ambrosetti Club.

Entrepreneurship is definitely a decisive issue, because it represents the most potent impetus for economic growth. Without entrepreneurs, there is no growth. Without growth there are no jobs and without jobs there is no future.

Unfortunately in Italy today only 5% of entrepreneurs are under 40 years of age, while no less than 20% are well over 70. So, Italy needs a cultural revolution. Rather than “looking for a job”, the new generations should start thinking in terms of “creating a job”.

That’s why Entrepreneurship is a key issue at the Technology Forum, as well as the key word of Ambrosetti’s 50 years celebrations: entrepreneurship does not only depend on a proactive and open-minded mental attitude but also on the creation of an ecosystem – with the power to foment the founding, growth and development of new businesses.