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May, 23 2016

On Saturday May 21st the Technology Forum 2016 has completed its yearly travel through innovation.

As a conclusion of the 2015 – 2016 activity, the InnoTech Community of Ambrosetti Club shared the Report 2016 ‘The Environment for Innovation: Drivers for the Growth of Italian Companies and Italy’: a deep overview on the state of the art of the Italian ecosystem, with a set of concrete proposals for economic growth through innovation.

The report offers a wealth of data, comparisons, benchmarks and considerations designed to support policy-makers and business leaders in identifying a trajectory for innovation.

There is the annual update of the Ambrosetti Innosystem Index (AII), a summary index that compares the innovation performance of the world’s major ecosystems with Italy’s, as well as the update of the Ambrosetti Regional Innosystem Index (ARII) that measures innovation results in 89 macro regions in Europe, including in Italy. These instruments represent a progress report the country’s decision-makers can refer to in order to identify the critical “worksites” and anticipate the best actions and policies to close the gaps affecting Italy.

Moreover, it contains an entire chapter dedicated to the study of innovation in Italian companies. Through analysis carried out on a European and Italian level and a series of interviews with the top management of some of the groups and companies that make innovation a key factor in their development, it not only demonstrates the strong correlation between investment in research and innovation and growth, but also identifies the best areas and levers for managing innovation processes and strategies.


Find here below the full version of the Report 2016 (in Italian), as well as the Executive Summary (in English) – and taste the sparkling mood of Technology Forum watching the video-story 2016.



by Giulio and Nicolò Kirchmayr

Technology Forum 2016