Catching disruptive innovations: when a global Company works like a SME

April, 21 2016

When competition increases and innovation accelerates, well, a Company must find the best way to stay in contact with all the changes. Its primary target? Be sure that wherever a disruptive innovation is appearing, there must be the Company.

Whirlpool, the high tech industrial giant spread all over the world, has found its own way to reach the target, and it can be explained in a few words: being a global company and acting as a SME.

That’s why Whirlpool R&D was born: it is an experimental company and it operates with the typical business model of a SME. It is focused on creating business opportunities both towards Whirlpool Corporation and towards other companies, through partnerships and supply of services or expertise.

‘This kind of working model always pushes us to seek more effective networks – explains Adriano Scaburri, Chief Technology Officer of Whirlpool R&D. ‘That’s how we gain a direct access to new ideas and opportunities, both in technology and business’.

Moreover, a strong network is the way Whirlpool Corporation always knows what are the most influent economic forces in act, the ones that drive investment decisions and – consequently – the development areas that must be monitored and checked.

Adriano Scaburri is a speaker of the Technology Forum 2016, which will be held in Milan on May 20th and 21st: there he will explain how a company catches disruptive innovations.

He observes: ‘The participation of Whirlpool R&D to the Technology Forum of The European House Ambrosetti, as well as our long life partnership, are another way to express and share our guidelines: high professional value and an outstanding network’.