All in a unique day: the 360° Agenda of Technology Forum Life Sciences

October, 9 2015

The Agenda of the first Technology Forum Life Sciences is ready: its aim is to go through the entire world of biotechnologies, under the guide of its leaders, and to define the milestones for turn this Industry into a real engine for the country economic growth and competitiveness.

All in a unique day.

It will happen in Milan, on Tuesday October 13th at Magna Pars, from 10.00am until 7.00pm.

Kári Stefánsson, the Iceland’s star on human genomics, Founder of deCODE, will set the tune, giving the opening remarks.

Then the Agenda will go deeper on life sciences innovation ecosystems around the world, with Issi Rozen, Senior Director at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Francesco De Rubertis, Partner of Index Ventures and Luca Benatti, vice president of Assobiotec.

The (pink) power of innovation will be the lesson to be learned from the success stories of Francesca Pasinelli, Director-General of Telethon, Antonella Folgori, Co-founder and Director of Immunology at Reithera – ex Okairos and Federica Draghi, Director of Genextra.

The Agenda will then be focused on the investors side, with new technologies presentations and it will reach its peak with the final session: Shape the future of life sciences in Italy.

Because they represent one of the most promising hi-tech industries.

The panel will be chaired by Francesco Granata, from Warburg Pincus and it will host a roundtable discussion among: Giuseppe Martini, President of Alisei, Pier Giuseppe Pelicci, Research Director at IEO, Alessandro Sidoli, President of Assobiotec and CEO of Axxam and Stefano Scalera, Advisor for the Minister of Economy, MEF.


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