December, 2 2015

3D printers to build aircrafts and components. And the new frontier of ‘additive manifacturing’, the technical name of 3D printing.

It looks like the future but it is already real: the new factory  of Avio Aero – in Cameri (Novara) – can accommodate up to 60 machines for the production of components in additive manufacturing.

The classic paradigms of industrial production are revolutionized: this is the era of geometric freedom that allows, for example, to produce in one piece, merging successive layers of metal powders, by assembling components that previously needed to be manufactured in different parts.

That’s the world that will open its doors to the members of the InnoTech Community of Ambrosetti Club, under the exceptional guide of Sandro De Poli, Chairman and CEO of GE Italy, and Riccardo Procacci, Chief Executive Officer of Avio Aero.