TF 2014

Innovation, Education, Entrepreneurship

The Technology Forum is focused on ways to restart economic growth and innovation in Italy.

Given the strong impact of scientific and technological developments on competitiveness and employment, the Forum is an important occasion to connect the industrial community with science & technology, as well as with the financial community and institutions, in order to promote innovation as a key driver of growth and development.

The event brings together a highly select group of Entrepreneurs and Top Executives, experts and leaders of major Institutions, Universities, Research Centres and other influential personalities from around the world in a two-day full immersion gathering.


How Technology Can Solve Humanity’s Grand Challenges?

Education, the driver to unlock entrepreneurial capabilities and creativity;

What ecosystem to power growth and promote successful exit strategies?

Foster innovation through collaborative networks;

Cities and Countries: Smart Environment for Innovation;

Innovation for Growth: Priorities for Italy.

The Forum is conceived to be highly interactive and to provide wide room for debate and for dialogue, even outside the conference schedule. There are specific networking opportunities and the session on Saturday is open with small-group breakfast meetings with a number of key Forum speakers in which participants discuss issues and strengthen relationships.