Two days inside Innovation: discover the official Program of #techforum14

May, 20 2014

The official Program of Technology forum 2014 is ready: a high intensity international conference, to go deeper and deeper in the crucial  – and strictly related – topics of Innovation, Education and Entrepreneurship.

An extraordinary occasion to meet the most important experts on this areas, whitin the most  effective Italian CEO. Moreover, the unique opportunity to share knowledge and best practices, in order to facilitate the creation of a successful ecosystem for innovation, in Italy too.

The program is designed around six topics, which have inspired the activity of the Community TITT of Ambrosetti Cub, for an entire year. They are:

How Technology Can Solve Humanity’s Grand Challenges?

Education, the driver to unlock entrepreneurial capabilities and creativity;

What ecosystem to power growth and promote successful exit strategies?

Foster innovation through collaborative networks;

Cities and Countries: Smart Environment for Innovation;

Innovation for Growth: Priorities for Italy.

Speeches, round tables and debates will see togheter a high level selection of international speakers, who represent the four players of the innovation chain: research, finance, enterprise and institutions.

Come to discover them, going through the official Program of Technology Forum 2014.