The Minister of Education, University and Research meets the TITT Community

December, 18 2013

“I dream of a Country that is aware of the importance of education as a booster for social mobility, territorial cohesion, promotion of culture and technology.”

This is the dream of Maria Chiara Carrozza, Minister of Education, University and Research, who will meet the Ambrosetti Community on Technology, Innovation and Technology Transfer (TITT), Wednesday, December 18th in Milan.

“Our universities and our research centers need to be once again the social elevators that made Italy big. I’m convinced that the renaissance of Italy will be driven by the talent and the independence of our researchers and our students.”

A few months after her participation to the Technology Forum, Maria Chiara Carrozza returns as the protagonist of the Ambrosetti Club meeting, dedicated to education and research.

How to change the school? How to create effective paths from school to job? How to turn diversity into a value and how to allow the talent to emerge? How to exploit the results of research and transfer them to market?

The Minister will answer these questions, and will be pleased to listen to advices and recommendations from the TITT Community members.