London Model at TechForum: using the creative power of new-tech to serve cities

May, 9 2014

More than a Technology Transfer Office, more than a Research centre: the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group – at the Imperial College in London – works as an interface between science, engineering and business.

It has been established in 2003 and the founder, David Gann, is going to attend the Technology Forum 2014.

PhD in Industrial Economics and Civil Engineer, Gann is also Chairman of the London Smart Board, which reports directly to the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson: he’s the author of the Smart London Plan, the city digital agenda, founded on a very simple concept: “A smarter London must be a place in which people want to live, work and play. It will foster talent, support and accommodate population growth and sustainable prosperity”.

At the Imperial College, one of the top 10 Universities in the world, David Gann is Vice President, leading Development and Innovation. Being responsible for shaping the vision, strategy and innovation agenda for Imperial College, he works closely with his creature, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group, which has a challenging mission: undertaking research into innovation and entrepreneurship process, from identifying pockets of original knowledge in the search for ideas, to the diffusion and entrepreneurial exploitation of new products, processes and services.