Join the TITT Community next meetings

February, 18 2014

Next weeks will be very intense for the TITT Community of Ambrosetti Club.They will complete the contribution that the Community will share at Technology Forum 2014, with international speakers and top leaders belonging to the four key players of successful innovations: Research, Business, Finance and Government.

On March 11, in Milan, the TITT Community will meet Roberto Maroni, President of Regione Lombardia: he will debate on Innovation as a typical source of excellence in Lombardia, and as fundamental factor of attractiveness. He will also present he’s ambitious target to double the public investments for innovation, and to create a stronger – systemic – partnership with the most industrialized european regions.

On March 20, in Milan, there will be a panel discussion on “Innovation for growth”: an occasion to get to know companies which are still growing – despite the crisis and thanks to innnovation. The case histories will be presented directly by the CEOs who achieved impressive results: Alberto Frausin, CEO of Carlsberg ItaliaEmilio Petrone, CEO of Sisal, Khalid Islam, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pcovery Aps (Copenhagen) and from Whirlpool Corporation Mauro Piloni, Vice President Advanced Development and R&D President and Fausto De Angelis, Director Legal & Corporate Affairs (Senior Counsel).

If you are interested in reaching the TITT Community and attending the next meetings, please contact: