Innovation for Growth: the Ambrosetti Club Report for the Italian Ecosystem

June, 24 2014

The Ambrosetti Club Community Technology Innovation Technology Transfer is at work on the next Technology Forum, which is scheduled on May 22 and 23 2015.

The TITT Community involves at the highest level the main innovation players – Research, Finance, Enterprise and Institutions – and will start its work from the “Technology Forum Report 2014”.

The Report is composed of 5 parts:

1. Progress ReportA complete balance on what actions the Italian Government has implemented to promote innovation: a state of the art that the Community updates year after year;

2. CEO SurveyA survey on the Italian CEO Innovation sentiment: our aim is to understand the Companies guidelines, with a focus on technology trends and innovation investments;

3. Ambrosetti Innosystem IndexA map of the most important ecosystems in the world: a quantitative analysis, which tends to measure – and benchmark – the innovation performance of Italy and its regions;

4. Best PracticesA worldwide overview on the best ecosystems for entrepreneurship and innovation: although we are aware that there are no standard recipes for innovating, we study the international best practices to capture positive inspirations, being convinced that Italy has the potential to find its own path towards Innovation and Growth;

5. 10 Proposals for growing through InnovationIn the spirit of the Ambrosetti Club, a contribute in five points for Italy’s growth through innovation: the aim of the Community is to offer to the policy makers new ideas and concrete proposals.

Find here linked the presentation of the Ten Proposals, by Valerio De Molli, as well as the Report’s full version (in Italian).