How Technology Can Solve Humanity’s Grand Challenges?

April, 9 2014

“Many people are fearful that the future will be one of shortages and scarcity and that because of a burgeoning population and dwindling resources, our future is grim.

This couldn’t be further from reality. This is the most innovative period in human history. Technology is advancing so rapidly that soon we will be able to solve some of humanity’s grand challenges.”

This is the encouraging point of view of Vivek Wadhwa, vice president at Singularity University. And this is the theme which will open the Technology Forum 3rd edition, on May 23rd and 24th, in CastelBrando (Treviso): How Technology Can Solve Humanity’s Grand Challenges?

Big question. And it will be a challenging moment for all participants to the Technology Forum, when they will listen to the answer, directly from the opening speech of Vivek Wadhwa.

“Imagine a world with unlimited food, water, and energy – he continues – in which we prevent disease rather than cure it and in which our lifespans increase along with our wisdom and knowledge. This is what is possible, not in future centuries, but in the next two decades.”

And the good news is that this new world is less and less depending on location, because “Anyone anywhere – whether in an incubator, garage or tent – can now build world-changing technology”, as Wadhwa demonstrates in his last article on the WSJ, and in “Why I’m exited about the promising future of medicine”, on the Washington Post.