Growing through innovation: Ten proposals from #techforum14

May, 24 2014

The Round Table ‘Innovate to grow : priorities for Italy’ has closed the third edition of the Technology Forum, dedicated to the three key factors to build a successful ecosystem for innovation: Innovation , Education, Entrepreneurship .

With more than 30 speakers from around the world, the Technology Forum has gathered input from more than 300 Presidents, CEOs and General Managers, engaged in driving innovation on the four crucial fronts: research, finance, business and institutions.

Their raccomandations are exposed in the Report ‘’The ecosystem for innovation: Drivers for growth’, which has been was presented to the policy makers and cointains the “Ten proposals for Growth”.

A document that this year is also founded on the scientific contribution of the Junior Chapter, the team of young experts in Innovation Management from the major Italian Universities.

The report identifies five ‘areas’ in which to act: National Strategy for innovation, Investment in innovation, Research-industry cooperation, Development of innovative companies and Culture of Innovation.

In the five areas, the Report presents Ten proposals for Italy’s growth through innovation:

Proposal 1: National Innovation Strategy

Proposal 2: National Innovation Group

Proposal 3: Incentives for private research and unfreezing of non-commercial PA debt

Proposal 4: New models of public/private initiatives in Venture Capital

Proposal 5 : Theme – related Universities

Proposal 6: National Transferlab and new governance models for technology transfer

Proposal 7 : Culture and rationalization of technology transfer processes

Proposal 8 : Intellectual property system for public research

Proposal 9: Crash Program to promote research talent in Italy

Proposal 10 : Education for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Technology Forum 2014 has been organized by The European House – Ambrosetti in collaboration with Whirlpool , Oerlikon Graziano, Banca IFIS, Finanziaria Internazionale, Electrolux, Quaternario Investimenti and Assobiotec .

Here below: the Executive Summary of the Report.

The presentation of the Ten Proposals, by Valerio De Molli, as well as the Report’s full version are here available (in Italian) .