Education: the driver to unlock entrepreneurial capabilities and creativity

April, 16 2014

Education is one of the three pillars of the discussion that is going to be shared at Technology Forum 2014. Not only school and exams: Education, in an effective ecosystem for Innovation, includes the long life attitude to  face problems with the help of the study. In other words, it is a key to build and maintain a strong culture of innovation.

Moreover, from the point of view of the Community Ambrosetti Club for Technology, Innovation and Technology Transfer (TITT), Education is a way to strength and develop the entrepreneurship.

This is why Education is the subject of the Technology Forum 2014 opening session (Friday, may 23th), with the title: “Education, the driver to unlock entrepreneurial capabilities and creativity”.

The panel will be moderate by Luca De Biase, Innovation editor at Nòva – Sole24Ore, who has recently published a “Modest contribution to a long-term vision in the system school, university and research”: a very inspiring article, “to share the impression of the magnitude of the argument”.

With him, in the panel: David Gann, Vice President for Development and Innovation at the Imperial College (London), Rajeeb Dej, CEO and Founder of Enternship.com e co-founder of Start up Britain, Francesco Profumo, President of IREN and former Minister of Education, University and Research and Carlo Purassanta CEO of Microsoft Italy.