Breaking the early stage “glass ceiling”: Startup Europe Partnership at TechForum

May, 16 2014

“Startups need to break the ‘glass ceiling’ of the early-stage,” said the chairman of Mind the Bridge Foundation, Alberto Onetti, who will participate to the Technology Forum 2014.

It was January, when Mind the Bridge, the Italian-American foundation based in San Francisco, California, has been selected by the European Commission to help drive the Startup Europe Partnership (SEP), the first pan-European open platform dedicated to supporting the growth and sustainability of European startups able to compete and raise funds at an international and global level.

“The ultimate goal is to have a tsunami of startups able to become global champions” – Onetti continues. “The SEP platform aims to bridge the startup ecosystem with the large corporate and investment community.”

How could this bridge be created and improved? In other words: what is the most appropriate financial instrument for growing through innovation, not only according to the company dimension but thinking to the special needs of this kind of growth: business angels, venture capital or public-private initiatives such as the EU Startup Europe Partnership?

This are the key issue that will be debate at the Technology Forum, during the session “What Ecosystem to Power Growth and Promote Successful Exit Strategies?” (Friday, May 23rd).

In the same roundtable with Alberto Onetti, Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli, professor at the Unversity of California (Berkeley), Francesco Marini Clarelli, President of IAG (Italian Angels for Growth), Luca Benatti, CEO of Erydel and Vice President of Assobiotec and the chair, the Corriere della Sera columnist for finance, innovation technology and smart companies, Massimo Sideri.