Back to work: the TITT Community meets in Cernobbio and Genoa, at IIT

The TITT Community of Ambrosetti Club is going back to work, preparing the Technology Forum 2015.

First of all, there will be the focus on Technolgy, Innovation and Technology Transfer at the Ambrosetti international Workshop in Villa d’Este (Cernobbio): three round tables with the most important testimonials from the world of research, enterprise, finance and public government.

Here the headlines: ‘Scientific Developments’, chairUmberto Veronesi, ‘New Technologies and New Business Models’ chair Esko Aho, ‘Education Models as Competitiveness Factors’, chair Jean-Claude Trichet.

And then, on Friday, September 12th, the special occasion to know the inside of one the most important technology European centres: the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, in Genoa.

The Community members will have the unique opportunity to discover it, under the guide of the President, Gabriele Galateri di Genola, and the Director, Roberto Cingolani.

With the meeting ‘Excellence of Italian research: the Italian Institute of Technology’, the Community members will go thorough the jewel of the Italian research, which now employs about 1,200 people from 50 different countries, with an average age of less than 34 years – and a capital of more than 160 registered patents and 6 start – up.

As a conclusion of the meeting, the participants will discover the most extraordinary ‘people’ who was born at the IIT: iCub, Coman, and HyQ, the humanoid and quadruped robots, that can walk, run and develope cognitive skills and interactive.

No doubt that the IIT – with its strong interdisciplinary approach – is the best place to know the technologies that will revolutionize our lives and create new business opportunities.


For becoming member of the TITT Community and take part to the Technology Forum 2015,

please contact:

federica.alberti@ambrosetti.eu or marta.gobbo@ambrosetti.eu