TF 2012

The Ecosystem for Innovation

The European House-Ambrosetti is organizing the first Technology Forum “The Environment for Innovation: Drivers for the Growth of Italian Companies and Italy”, an event focused on technology, innovation and technology transfer, to be held at CastelBrando (TV) on Friday and Saturday, May 11-12, 2012.

This Forum marks the culmination and public presentation of the work begun in July 2011 of a select Community of enterpreneurs, top executives, experts and opinion leaders, formed to examine issues related to innovation and technology transfer, and to define concrete proposals of action.

The goal of this Community – which falls under the aegis of the Ambrosetti Club, the service designed specifically for top executives of companies operating in Italy – is to connect industry, finance, public institutions and scientific-technological research, to foster innovation as a key driver of growth and development.

This by-invitation-only event will bring together a select group of entrepreneurs and top executives, experts and leaders of major Institutions, Universities, Scientific and Technological Parks and other influential personalities from around the world in a two-day full immersion gathering, which aims to offer policy makers a precise series of recommendations to urgently define appropriate policies in support of research, innovation and enterprises.

Given the US military’s long history in spawning technological innovations that have powered economic growth, the Forum will devote a session to the USAF case study: ”The US Air Force approach to research, development, and technology transfer”. Five relevant experts of the USAF will join the Forum to speak about how technologies can strengthen and power economic growth.