Bernadette Jagger

Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism, Namibia -

Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism of Republic of Namibia. Prior to that, Ms. Jagger was Deputy Director of Education, Kunene Region, (2012-2014); Acting Director of Education, (2011-20120); Inspector of Education, (2007-2012); Part-time Tutor for the BETD (INSET) Programme (1996-2011); Teachers Resources Centre, (1996-2007); Deputy Principal (1992-1996); Head of Department (1989-1991); Teacher, Namibia, (1977-1988) and Teacher, SA, (1976). She has been Member of the Swapo Party Central Committee since 2012, Member of the National Executive Committee for the SPWC since 2012 and Member of the Central Committee of SPWC since 2011.