Expert in decentralized organizational systems and pioneer in Self-managing Organization studies



He is one of the leading experts in studies involving the current transition towards radically decentralized organizational systems and the new Organization Design approaches that guarantee coordination and responsibilities even without a hierarchical macro-structure and traditional managerial positions.
He is Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior at INSEAD.
He teaches in the Harvard Business School’s Professional Development Programs.
One of the Thinkers50 (2020), his work has been called a key navigational tool in the world beyond hierarchy. He also studies relational dynamics based on psychological safety and trust in teams, and collaborates with corporate leaders and HR management on the spread of collaborative leadership in teams and organizations, and the maintenance of working environments that foster responsibility and efficacy. 

Going Horizontal. Organization Design for the future of work

– The challenge of abandoning hierarchy
– Self-managing organization: the strong and weak points
– Empowerment and agility in a hierarchical structure
– Creating a culture of psychological safety and responsibility