Italian authority on change processes



President of The European House– Ambrosetti and partner since 2006.
Manager of the “Competitive Advantage Through People” unit that includes the
following practices: People, Readiness, Culture & Education, Business Acceleration.
Sociologist by training, he is an expert in processes of change and he studies how to
free the full potential of people to develop their capabilities and transform behavior
into business outcomes.
He teaches Decision-Making and Negotiation Processes at the Università Cattolica
del S. Cuore in Milan.
His publications include Come si decide in azienda (with P. Donati), essays on group
mobilization and the relationship between young adults and the corporate
organization, and the chapter “La Formazione” in the book L’azienda del futuro.
He is also the author of: Cambiamenti – Azione collettiva e intrecci organizzativi in
un’epoca di crisi; Creare governare e dirigere (with C. A. Galimberti); and, in 2020,
Il lavoro non ha età (with E. Giudicatti).

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