International employee experience and engagement strategies expert



At the interstices of cognition, perception, judgment and decision processes and social psychology, she explores how the motivation, emotions and goals of people influence the way they perceive, interpret and react to the information surrounding them and the effects on their behavior in society and in the workplace.
She is Associate Professor of Psychology at New York University.
In her latest book, Clearer, Closer, Better: How Successful People See the World, she explains how perception can be the key to success and, on the basis of interviews with Olympic athletes, business leaders and artists of international renown, she underscores how changing one’s vision can help in achieving personal goals.

Motivated, involved, happy. Scientific bases and strategies for engagement and the employee experience

– Diversity & Inclusion: the similarities that increase cohesion

– The art of defining goals: 3 steps

– Growth Mindset: how to encourage it

– When and for whom is multitasking effective?