Michelangelo Pipan

Executive Vice President - Associazione Italia-ASEAN

A retired career diplomat with a predilection for economic and cultural diplomacy, he has held numerous posts in Europe, Asia and Africa. He opened the Italian Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia. He was Diplomatic Advisor to the Minister for Universities and Scientific Research Luigi Berlinguer in the first Prodi Government. He was responsible for the foreign projection of the Capital as Diplomatic Advisor to the Mayor of Rome Walter Veltroni and senior manager for international relations of the Municipality. His in-depth knowledge and vast experience in South East Asia is also based on several specific positions held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, especially in development cooperation in the early 1990s. First posted to the Embassy in Manila in 1981, he concluded his career as Ambassador to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia (2009-2013). Promoter and co-founder of the ITALY-ASEAN Association, he has been its Executive Vice President since the beginning.