Lorenzo Tavazzi

Partner and Responsible for International Development - The European House - Ambrosetti

Lorenzo Tavazzi is Partner and Head of Global Intelligence and Scenarios at The European House–Ambrosetti and the Head of the Group’s international development. He also manages international Think Thanks and Advisory Boards and high-standing working communities involved in the issues of growth and competitiveness, including: innovation and the digital economy, infrastructure and mobility, the public sector and regulation authorities, educational and training systems, cooperation for development and international relations, and tourism. He is Project Leader of the Cashless Society Community, a high-level platform launched in 2015 by The European House – Ambrosetti to promote cashless payments in Italy. He has led numerous projects to define the strategic vision of broad-ranging territorial systems, production diversification and attracting investment at national and international level. He was the Director of the Observatory on the attractiveness of Italy, its Regions and Provinces for foreign direct investment inflows.  He has in-depth expertise in advisory and policymaking activities, advocacy and public affairs. Starting in 2006, he has been working with a number of African and ASEAN countries Governments in drawing up industrial and economic development strategies. He is Project Leader and responsible for the High Level Dialogue on ASEAN – Italy Economic Relations which brings together, each year, over 500 CEOs and Heads of Government from Italy and southeast Asian countries. He has overseen and authored over 60 publications and studies on macro-economics, strategy, and sectoral development topics.