Rome - December 11, 2017

Roberto Pella

Vicar Vice President, ANCI - National Association of Italian Municipalities - Member of EU Committee of Regions

Roberto Pella began his experience in local authorities at 25, when he is elected for the first time Mayor of Valdengo, an Italian Town in the Piedmont Region, then in the provincial authority of Biella as Assessor and President of the Council. At the same time, he starts his career at Anci, the National Association of Italian Municipalities, becoming part of the Board of Directors, first as a member of the office of the Presidency (1999), then executive officer (2007) and vice president (2014), and finally as first vice-president from 1st June 2017.
He exercises, with commitment and dedication, powers on Health, Sport and Policies for Youth, the same areas of action he is developing, at European level, as a Member of the Committee of the Regions in the EU and as President of the European Confederation of Small Towns. His Opinion “The new dimension of sport” (2011) has contributed, among other initiatives, to engage, together with the European Commission, the “Erasmus+ Sport” project.
More recently, the own-initiative Opinion “Health in Cities: the common good”, which has seen the almost unanimous (98%) approval by the Members of the Committee of the Regions during plenary session on the 11th of May, contains proposals for the adoption of effective tools within five priority areas of policy intervention: urban design; sustainable mobility; environment and healthy eating; sport, physical activity and education; multi-sector governance.