Rome - December 11, 2017

Ketty Vaccaro

Director Welfare and Health - CENSIS Foundation

Since 1995, Concetta M.Vaccaro is Director of Health and Welfare area at the Censis Foundation, the leading Italian independent institute for social and economic research, and one of the most known among the Italian general public.

Born in Enna, Concetta M.Vaccaro is a sociologist who lives and works in Rome. She is an expert in social policies and evaluation, and her research activity is mainly focused on health policy, family and women conditions, ageing society and poverty.

In these fields, Concetta M.Vaccaro has directed and supervised a large number of research projects, which included the use both of qualitative and quantitative methodology, and of economic evaluation in the field of pharmacoeconomics, interviews with decision makers, public presentations of research results and participations to scientific conferences and to radio and television programs.

Ms. Vaccaro is President of the Evaluation board at Kore University of Enna, President of the Health Web Observatory, Vice President of the Italian Barometer Diabetes Observatory (IBDO Foundation), member of Board of Directors of the Health City Institute, member of the scientific board of the CREA Sanità institute, of the Italian Wellness Society and of the Union of Labor and Social Policy Local Departments. She is in the expert group of Italian Health Policy Brief and of Health Policy in Non-Communicable Disease journal. She is a member of the College of Probi viri of the AIMA. (Italian Association of Alzheimer’s Disease). As a member of the National Commission for classification and renewing of the Essential Assistance Levels (LEA) at the Ministry of Health, Concetta M. C. Vaccaro worked in the sub-group dedicated to the health and social services integration. Moreover, she was part of the Board on Dementia in the Ministry Commission on Primary Care and a member of the Study Group on Stroke at the Ministry of Health.

As a professor, Concetta M. C. Vaccaro taught Sociology at “La Sapienza” University of Rome, Methods in Social Sciences at Urbaniana University of Rome and Sociology of Welfare at Kore University of Enna. Now she teaches at the 2nd level Master in Psychogeriatry at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of La Sapienza in Rome.

She is also author of many publications and papers in scientific journals.