Rome - December 11, 2017

David Napier

Professor of Anthropology and Director of Science, Medicine and Society Network - University College of London

David Napier is Professor of Medical Anthropology at University College London (UCL) and Director of its Science, Medicine, and Society Network. He has been a fellow of a number of universities and colleges, including Harvard University, New York University, the Johns Hopkins University, All Souls College, Oxford, and Green Templeton College, Oxford.

Napier’s special interests include migration, culture and health, non-communicable diseases, xenophobia, primary health-care delivery, social vulnerability, homelessness, and human wellbeing.

He has also published on law and anthropology, and intellectual property and biodiversity. Napier has been involved in three Lancet commissions, leading the 2014 Lancet Commission on Culture and Health. His last book, Making Things Better (Oxford University Press 2013) explores notions of property and local value across cultures. He regularly writes for the press and was lead author of a recent WHO policy study of the cultural contexts of health and wellbeing (Culture Matters: Using a Cultural Contexts of Health Approach to Enhance Policy-making).

Napier is the Global Academic Lead for Cities Changing Diabetes, a policy-directed project that focuses on the complex drivers of diabetes in cities around the world. For his activities with more than 100 charities and NGOs, the UK government and research councils named him the first Beacon Fellow in Public Engagement.

Napier has served as a consultant on vulnerable populations in the aftermath of natural and human disasters, having, among others, worked for the United Nations, CRISIS, Merlin UK, and the International Organization for Migration (IOM). He is currently writing a new book on social trust.