Rome - December 11, 2017

Antonio Decaro

President - ANCI - National Association of Italian Municipalities

President of ANCI since October 2016 and Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Bari since January 1, 2015.

On 29 January 2015, he was appointed vice president of ANCI with a thematic mandate on Policies for territorial cohesion and Southern Italy policies, as well as member of the European Union’s Committee of the Regions based in Brussels.

In June 2014, Decaro was appointed ANCI (Italian Association of Municipalities) representative member at the State-Cities and Local Autonomies Permanent Conference and at the Unified Conference (Permanent committee of dialogue between the national, regional and local governments).

On 15 March 2013, he was declared elected member of Parliament at the beginning of the XVII legislature. He was member of the Intergroup on innovative/cycling mobility and, together with other members of the Parliament, he was involved in writing the national law on cycling mobility. On 11 January 2014 he presented his candidature as Mayor of Bari. On 8 June he was elected at the second round as Mayor of Bari.

In November 2012, the law on “Interventions to enable development of cycling mobility” promoted by Decaro as first signer of the law proposal was approved by the Regional Council.

In 2010, Decaro is elected regional council member in Apulia for the Bari district. Until 2013 Decaro was head of the Democratic Party group at the Regional Council, while he kept the role of councilor in charge of mobility on a voluntary basis. During his mandate as regional council member Decaro promoted many law proposals approved by the Regional Council on digital pluralism, adoption and promotion of free softwares, as well as on the activities of scattered hotels. Among the law proposals he worked on, some of the most relevant ones were about the institution of a public register of elected representatives and on transparency and information.

In 2004 the Mayor of Bari Michele Emiliano appoints Decaro deputy mayor in charge of mobility and traffic at the City of Bari, as external specialist and expert. In 2008, thanks to his strong commitment and actions promoted in the field of sustainable mobility, Decaro gets the Award “Friend of the bicycle” given by FIAB (Italian Federation of Friends of Bicycle). In the same year Legambiente awards him as “Environmentalist of the year 2008”.

In 2000 he started to collaborate with ANAS (National Autonomous Roads Corporation), as technical services director and head of the maintenance centre of the Bari Province and regional director of Projects Office.

Antonio Decaro was born in Bari on 17 July 1970. At 25 he graduated in civil engineering, transport section. He worked as self-employed professional and at the Politecnico University of Bari. At 29 he was appointed vice head compartment of Acquedotto Pugliese (Apulia Aqueduct Public Company).