Start Date (Main Event): December 14, , 2020 – 8.00 am (CET) – 10.30 am (Iranian Time)
End Date (Main Event): December 16, 2020 – 3.00 pm (CET) – 5.30 pm (Iranian Time)



Europe-Iran economic relations have faced a challenging two years. Political pressures, economic challenges, and a global pandemic have all served to make routine business more difficult. Yet, the political commitment to diplomacy remains strong, and commercial relations between Europe and Iran remain significant. It is therefore evident for policymakers and business leaders on both sides that the disruptions to trade and investment are temporary and that the opportunities for expanded commerce remain significant.

The Europe-Iran Forum will enable stakeholders in Europe and Iran to examine the challenges and opportunities facing Europe-Iran economic relations with the help of expert analysis. The online sessions and training modules will provide an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and expertise that can help business leaders and policymakers improve their day-to-day operations and also rethink their strategies. The resulting dialogue will help strengthen existing business relationships and also foster new connections between European and Iranian executives.

Among its objectives, the initiative wants to provide SMEs with concrete opportunities to identify and engage potential business counterparts. Initially slowed down by the deteriorated international context, physical business relations had come to a halt because of the epidemic outbreak and they don’t see a turning point in the near future. The online tools made available allows to kick-off business negotiations between European and Iranian enterprises, against advanced matchmaking functionalities, within the framework outlined by the National Export Strategy.

The future of economic relations between Europe and Iran depends on the credibility of commitment from both sides. This event will seek to use open and frank dialogue to help build mutual trust and understanding both between stakeholders in Europe and Iran and also between the worlds of business and policy. This understanding will help make economic relations between Europe and Iran more resilient to future shocks while also ensuring bilateral trade and investment reach new highs when circumstances improve.



The initiative builds on the results of the project Export Development Intervention for Iranian Enterprises”, commissioned to The European House – Ambrosetti in 2019 and currently ongoing. The project aims at mapping and assessing high potential Iranian companies and support them to improve export performance, also within European markets, through individual development programs.

So far, the project’s outcome remarked the good level of development private companies and SMEs acquired in non-oil sectors, showing that Iranian enterprises can in certain cases look to European markets as export destinations for their goods. Business relations with European counterparts can also take place in the form of industrial partnership, so to combine each side distinctiveness within industrial processes. Being a catalyzer, the Europe-Iran Forum capitalizes on these findings and brings its principles to a larger number of Iranian companies and a wider audience of potential counterparts.



The initiative is jointly promoted by The European House-Ambrosetti, Bourse&Bazaar and Iran Trade Promotion Organization in cooperation with the International Trade Centre.

The project is funded by the European Union.