Silvana Ballotta

CEO Business Strategy - 毕略企业管理咨询有限公司首席执行官

Silvana Ballotta is an expert in Made in Italy, marketing and economics. After working with the World Bank on various projects in the Far East, she has transferred her experience in BS Business Strategies, a Florentine company leader in support and advice for the internationalization of agro-food with focus on wine, also through EU community funds. BS Business Strategies is committed to work with companies in order to define targeted marketing and development strategies and plans for the various foreign markets, especially those in Asia. With this aim Silvana Ballotta founded in 2012 the Chinese branch of Business Strategies, Taste Italy!, to provide an effective channel for Italian agro-food enterprises to access the Asian market, as well as giving Chinese operators the opportunity to explore the Italian business landscape. Silvana Ballotta has also promoted educational activities through the constitution of a Wine Academy, which offers Chinese Wine Lovers and Wine Professionals the opportunity to understand and experience Italian wine.


茜瓦纳▪巴罗塔是意大利制造产品推广和营销方面的专家。在世界银行开展远东项目之后,她将其多年经验运用于毕略企业管理咨询公司。这是一家佛罗伦萨企业,通过欧盟社区基金专注于葡萄酒农业食品国际化的支持和咨询。 该公司致力于与企业合作,为其拓展国外市场,特别是亚洲市场制定有针对性的营销和发展战略和计划。茜瓦纳▪巴罗塔于2012年成立了毕略中国分公司,为意大利农产品企业进入亚洲市场提供了有效渠道,并为中国运营商提供了探索意大利商业景观的机会。她还通过组建葡萄酒学院促进教育活动,该葡萄酒学院为中国葡萄酒爱好者和葡萄酒专业人士提供了解和体验意大利葡萄酒的机会。