Romano Prodi

Former Prime Minister of Italy - 意大利前总理

Romano Prodi is Chairman of the Foundation for World Wide Cooperation in Bologna (Italy) and served as Chairman of the UN High Level Panel for Peacekeeping in Africa. Previously, he was Professor at CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) in Shanghai where now he is Member of the Board of the School. He worked also at Brown University (USA) for the period 2009- 2013. Following the primary elections held in October 2005, Romano Prodi became the leader of the center-left coalition and then Prime Minister of Italy (2006 -2008). He was the President of the European Commission from September 1999 to 2004. During his presidency, the European Commission adopted some of the historic EU decisions (introduction of Euro). From November 1982 to October 1989 he was the Chairman of IRI (Institute for Industrial Reconstruction), at the time the largest Italian holding company. In May 1993 he returned to IRI’s helm and completed the privatization of major companies such as Credito Italiano and Banca Commerciale Italiana.


罗马诺·普罗迪是意大利博洛尼亚全球合作基金会主席,并担任联合国非洲维和部门高级别小组主席。此前,他曾在上海的CEIBS(中欧国际工商学院)担任教授,现任该校董事会成员。2009年至2013年期间他还在布朗大学(美国)工作。在2005年10月举行的初选之后,罗马诺·普罗迪成为中左翼联盟的领导者,然后成为意大利总理(2006年 – 2008年)。他从1999年9月到2004年担任欧盟委员会主席。在他担任总统期间,欧盟委员会通过了一些欧盟历史性的决定(引入欧元)。从1982年11月到1989年10月,他担任IRI(工业重建研究所)主席,当时是意大利最大的控股公司。 1993年5月,他回到IRI掌舵并完成了对意大利信贷银行和意大利商业银行等主要公司的私有化。