Peter Mandelson

Chairman, Global Counsel - former European Commissioner for Trade -

Peter Mandelson is Co-founder and Chairman of Global Counsel. He is European Chairman of BlueVoyant, a cyber security company, and Senior Adviser to Lazard. He is President of the German-British Forum, the UK’s primary bilateral forum for promoting dialogue on German-British business, social and political issues and President of the Great Britain China Centre. He is Chairman of the Design Museum in London and Chancellor of Manchester Metropolitan University. He is also President of Policy Network. He is a former European Trade Commissioner and British First Secretary of State. As Trade Commissioner between 2004 and 2008, he negotiated trade agreements with many countries and led European negotiations in the WTO Doha World Trade Round. Prior to this, he held a number of Cabinet posts under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown including Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Northern Ireland Secretary and Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills.


彼得·曼德尔森是全球法律顾问会的联合创始人兼主席。 他是网络安全公司BlueVoyant的欧洲主席,也是Lazard的高级顾问。 他是德英论坛的主席,该论坛是英国促进德英商业、社会和政治问题对话主要双边论坛。他还担任英国中国中心主席。他是伦敦设计博物馆的主席和曼彻斯特城市大学的校长。 他还是政策网络部主席以及前欧洲贸易专员和英国第一国务卿。 作为2004年至2008年的贸易专员,他与许多国家谈判了贸易协定,并在世贸组织多哈世界贸易回合中领导了欧洲谈判。 在此之前,他曾在托尼·布莱尔和戈登·布朗担任多个内阁职位,包括贸易和工业大臣,北爱尔兰秘书和商业,创新和技能大臣。