Paolo Borzatta

Senior Partner, The European House - Ambrosetti - 欧洲咨询联盟-安博思高级合伙人

Paolo Borzatta is Senior Partner of The European House – Ambrosetti and Managing Director of Ambrosetti Group Limited. He is an expert in strategy: corporate strategy, city and territorial strategy, creativity in strategy assisting several of the world’s largest companies in their development. In the last few years he has also been involved in important projects in Africa. After having received his degree in Nuclear Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano in 1970 he was assistant professor of Subnuclear Physics at the University of Milan. He was also Director General of the Resin Pipe Division and Marketing Director for Dalmine, a major multinational pipe manufacturer. He is the author of numerous scientific and management articles. He currently writes the monthly editorial of economics and strategy on AGI China 24. He has been a columnist for the “Economic Observer” of Beijing. He currently publishes daily on Twitter the novel “Can I?” on China and world future.


博吾乐是欧洲咨询联盟-安博思的高级合伙人 以及安博思集团的董事总经理。 他是战略方面的专家:包括企业战略,城市和地域战略,战略创新,并协助数家全球大型企业发展。 在过去几年里,他还参与了非洲的重要项目。 1970年获得米兰理工大学核工程学位后,他担任米兰大学亚核物理学助理教授。 他还曾担任跨国管道制造商Dalmine的树脂管道部门总监和市场总监。 并出版众多科学和管理文章。 他目前为AGI China 24每月撰写经济学和战略学评论。他是北京“经济观察报”的专栏作家。 他目前每天在推特上发表关于中国和世界未来的小说“我能?”。