Liu Bing

Co-President, Hengchang Litong Investment Management (Beijing) Co, Ltd - 北京恒昌利通投资管理有限公司联席总裁

MBA in Tsinghua University. Mr.Liu Bing has worked at AT&T, HUAWEI, Oracle (China), Nelson, Australia Telecommunications (China), Alibaba group, and more for 24 years as an assistant engineer, sales manager, deputy director of office, director, general manager, vice president, chief representative and vice president of Alibaba group.While working for these companies, Mr. Liu Bing has engaged in marketing, business development, government relations, public relations, strategic cooperation, strategic investment, post-investment management, etc. Mr. Liu Bing has made significant contributions. Especially during his time at Alibaba, Mr. Liu Bing actively promoted the cooperation of cloud computing and big data between central and local governments, cloud computing and big data becoming the backbone of the information economy, and the arrival of the era of “double creations” all to strengthen central government in cloud computing and big data policy cooperation, making important contributions in DT (data processing technology).