Giulio De Metrio

Chief Operating Officer, SEA Group - 米兰机场集团首席运营官

Giulio De Metrio has been Chief Operating Officer of SEA since 2007. He heads several key departments such as Infrastructures, Cargo and Operations, Aviation and Non Aviation Business, Sales and Marketing, Customer Care and Safety. He reports directly to the Chairman of the Board, participates in all meetings of the Board of Directors and is also a member of the Executive Committee. Since June 2015 he has been also Chairman of SEA Prime, the main Business and General Aviation Airport in Italy and Chairman of Signature Flight Support Italy, managing the general aviation handling operations at Milano Linate. Previously he was CEO of SEA Energia (May 2012-May 2013), Deputy Chairman of Assoclearance (2009-2012), Deputy Chairman and Board Member of Bergamo Airport (SACBO; 2011-2012), Board Member of ACI Europe (2008-2014), Board Member of Dufrital (2011-2014), Board Member of Malpensa Logistica Europa (2011-2014), and Board Member of Ali Trasporti Aerei – ATA (2013-2014). Giulio De Metrio started his professional career in Alitalia Group from 1985 to 2004 with various positions: Managing Director of the Air Transport Division, CEO of Alitalia Team and Alitalia Airport, President of Alitalia Express. From 2004 to 2005 he became Volare Group Managing Director in extraordinary management after the bankruptcy (Law “Marzano”) until the sale.


戴慕西自2007年以来一直担任米兰机场集团的首席运营官。他领导多个关键部门,如基础设施,货物和运营,航空和非航空业务,销售和营销,客户服务和安全。他直接向董事会主席报告,参加董事会的所有会议,也是执行委员会的成员。自2015年6月起,他还担任SEA Prime主席,意大利主要的商务和通用航空机场以及Signature Flight Support Italy主席,负责管理米兰林内特机场的通用航空处理业务。此前,他曾担任SEA Energia首席执行官(2012年5月至2013年5月),副总裁(2009-2012),贝加莫机场副主席兼董事会成员(SACBO; 2011-2012),ACI欧洲董事会成员(2008-2014) ),Dufrital董事会成员(2011-2014),马尔彭萨机场物流欧洲董事会成员(2011-2014),意大利航空运输协会董事会成员(2013-2014)。 他于1985年至2004年在意大利航空开始其职业生涯,担任过多个职位:航空运输部总经理,意大利航空团队首席执行官和意大利航空快运总裁。从2004年到2005年,他在Volare集团破产( “Marzano” 法律)之后成为集团特别管理董事总经理直到集团出售。